Future Brewers of America

The Future Brewers of America exists to enlighten the motivated youth of these United States on the noble industry of brewing.

Through fun and educational activities, FBA neophytes may one day discover a bright future in this craft.

Moreover, the FBA was established to provide the next generation with a vehicle to responsible adulthood, where every citizen can better our great nation and societe at-large.

How Brewing Works
1 Milling

Whole barley kernels
are ground into
smaller pieces.


2 Mashing

Barley and hot
water are mixed
just like oatmeal!


3 Lautering

The spent grain is separated
from the "wort", also known
as sugar water. Yummy!

4 Boiling

The wort is boiled
and hops are added,
just like mom's soup.


5 Cooling

The liquid is cooled
down in preparation
for fermentation.


6 Fermentation

Yeast is added to
start fermentation...
this is dad's favorite part!


7 Sharing

The brew is packaged
and trucked to stores
for grownups to enjoy.


Build a Model Brewery!

Download and print the official FBA model brewery kit


You’ll need scissors, paste, and a shoe box